“We’re an organisation like many others, our performance has
been mired by both internal and external factors. 
In UnNamed Ventures, we found a partner able to navigate these
complexities with rigorous objectivity to enable meaningful
change. Their methodology is enlightening.”  
– MD, Consumer Brand

By using industry vetted behavioural science tools, we ensure a solid understanding, from which impactful change can be created.
Organisational performance is an essential ingredient for every brands critical mass and yet remains hidden within the elusiveness of the word ‘culture.’  A word that builds equal amounts of dread and exasperation within the most experienced Boards.  However, culture remains an important paradigm and must be shaped and reshaped at every turn, as it can invariably dictate, how and to what degree, potential is enabled to thrive. 

Not only do we focus on group cohesion and effectiveness, but also the individual and certainly some of our work requires a more detailed and comprehensive appreciation for the latter.   Behaviour is divided into decision types to understand what an individual needs to function at their best and what’s governing their actions. We utilize qualified and experienced decision scientists who observe every environment and nuance to add depth to our analysis and understanding, assessing individual mindsets, motivations and capabilities.

How leaders shape culture is a more important question than ever, with a resounding effect on an organisations future.  Enabling individuals and teams to master their own potential and better direct it creates what is known as a ‘growth mindset.’ A term coined by Carol Dweck, a Stanford psychologist, credited by Satya Nadella of Microsoft, for defining his philosophy on culture. 

As we all well know, at the heart of all transformational change is self-awareness, knowledge and commitment.  How your employees are experiencing and interacting with their environment, may not be beneficial for overall success.  Which is what makes data science so powerful, it’s evidence based management.  Understanding human needs, knowing why people behave the way they do and being able to see through their lens can be an incredible enabler for growth.

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