“We came across UnNamed Ventures during a particularly challenging phase in our journey, and though I was initially drawn to their unique ethos, it’s their commitment and open minded approach that has kept our relationship in place.  Every project is kicked off with a rigorous and detailed examination of our needs and environment that success seems inevitable – needless to say, they have quickly become my ‘go-to’ firm for all manner of organisation needs.”    – CEO, Lifestyle Brand 

A specialised, bespoke recruitment service focused on C-Level appointments.  
Having led global searches across Europe, Asia, India and the U.S, we are capable, tenacious and focused on the nuances of what makes a great hire for every assignment we take on.

We can complete each search, using our Behavioural Analysis tools, to draw out specific competencies and skills – objectively and without bias. In the past, not only have we successfully unearthed and engaged rising stars and known profiles but also highlighted real change makers and innovators.

Our detailed approach enables us to move beyond the surface to truly understand the dynamic an individual will add to your team and business.  Enabling you to enhance your biggest asset and point of difference – your people.