As a people and culture specialists, we want to be able to affect change in organisations of all sizes.
So whether you’re a growing SME  or a corporate company we can help you redesign your hiring and culture strategies to protect your brand equity and realise a better return on investment.

“We came across UnNamed Ventures through networking, and in speaking with Rupinder I realised we needed expertise in ensuring quality hires.  We’d had some bad experiences and we were just starting to think about our culture and processes as a growing team.  What she created is now our blueprint for hiring and onboarding.  She took all the thinking out of it and yet took the time to thoughtfully make recommendations that reflect our brand and our ethos.  Highly recommend this service for Founders at all levels of growth. Complete game changer, really wish I’d thought about this sooner!”  – Founder, Lifestyle Brand 

Our in-house expertise in having successfully led & worked with global corporations, at Board level for more than a decade brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding in, best in class assessment and selection processes that not only make for quality hires but create great candidate experiences and safe guard your brand equity as you continue to grow.  This service is offered at a flat rate fee for SME’s.    


What We Do For You:
Create candidate assessment & selection process map.
Develop worksheet & interview questions for every stage of the process.
Workshops & training on conducting engaging interviews. 
Embed candidate experience & engagement markers. 
Onboarding roadmap. 
  Set-up & training for an internal executive search function.


         Call us to redesign your hiring and culture strategies.